A CDC Employee Who Went Home Sick Has Been Missing For Eleven Days

On February 12, Timothy Cunningham, a Center for Disease Control and Prevention employee, left work because he wasn’t feeling well. According to the Atlanta Police Department, he hasn’t been heard from since. Cunningham, who earned two degrees from Harvard, is as a commander in the U.S. Public Health Service, dealing with Ebola breakouts and the Zika virus during his tenure with the CDC.

Cunningham’s sister was the last known person that he communicated with, texting her first thing in the morning on the 12th. Due to his lack of response to their communication efforts, Cunningham’s parents drove from Maryland to his house in Atlanta, where they found two open windows. Cunningham’s keys, wallet, phone, and dog were also left behind. “Tim never leaves Beau unattended,” Terrell Cunningham, Tim’s father, said. “He just doesn’t do it.”

Joe Carlos, a close friend and Morehouse classmate of Cunningham’s, spoke to him the week prior, when the two purchased tickets to an event for the anniversary of their alma mater. “Our last communication the week prior was about hanging out before and going down to the VIP reception and enjoying ourselves,” Carlos explained. “I can speak for myself and so many classmates that this is very, very shocking.”

The search has widened to find Cunningham, with the family asking their friends to comb local parks and their connections in the medical community to check hospitals and other medical facilities. His mother, Tia-Juana Cunningham, said “There has been an outpouring of love from his neighbors and the community, but my main focus is just that my son returns home. Tim, if you see any of this information please know that you can come back home. We love and miss you. We just want you back in our arms.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 911 or the Atlanta Police Homicide/Adult Missing Persons Unit at (404)546-4235.

(Via NBC News)