A Man Stole And Smashed A Boat Belonging To The Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion

Memorial And Protest Held At Office Of Minnesota Dentist That Killed Famed Lion In Zimbabwe
Getty Image / Adam Bettcher

It didn’t take long for Walter Palmer to go from Minnesota dentist to international villain in 2015 over the killing of the majestic beast known as Cecil the Lion. Angry citizens brought their frustrations right to Palmer’s office and tore his practice to shreds online. Essentially, if bad things happen to Palmer, the unpopular hunter isn’t likely to get an outpouring of sympathy.

Smash cut to this weekend where a bad thing did happen to Palmer. No, he wasn’t mauled by a lion or attacked by Harambe’s ghost. His boat (which he may or may not have used to kill sea lions) was stolen in Florida on Sunday and subsequently crashed. The Naples Daily News reports that 26-year-old Andrew Derwin was arrested and received a felony charge of grand theft on Tuesday for allegedly taking off with the dentist’s boat. The boat, which is said to be worth $61,175, had its keys left on the lanai for a maintenance person that would be by to look at the vessel.

Officials responded to a crashed boat on Tuesday and found Derwin and passenger Nicolas Stolinas with the stolen vehicle. First aid was provided and Stolinas suffered serious injuries from being hit with the boat’s propeller. Afterward, police sorted out that the vehicle belonged to Palmer and not Derwin. It’s definitely not the first time Derwin has been arrested. Sheriff’s Office records indicate that he’s been arrested 13 times previously.

(Via Naples Daily News)