Jason Chaffetz: The House Oversight Committee Won’t Investigate Trump’s False Claims Of Voter Fraud

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Despite winning the election, Donald Trump has repeatedly (and falsely) claimed there was rampant voter fraud that cost him the popular vote, but the House Oversight Committee doesn’t seem willing to indulge his claims. On Tuesday, Chair Jason Chaffetz said the committee will not be investigating Trump’s claims. Chaffetz cited a lack of evidence.

Since the election, Trump has maintained that millions of illegal votes were cast, with some people being registered to vote in multiple states (he also claimed dead people were voting). While some close to Trump are registered in multiple states, Trump’s still not provided any evidence for his claim. So, the Utah congressman said they’re not picking up Trump’s cause: “We can’t just investigate everything that’s ever thrown out there by the Democrats, by the Republicans. We have to pick and choose.”

Something they are investigating though is Trump’s unfounded claim that the Trump Tower phones were wiretapped by President Obama during his campaign. Again, Trump has not dropped any evidence for this Twitter claim, but Chaffetz said they will look into this because “the president is directly asking and calling for [a probe.]”

Chaffetz has seen a rise in the spotlight as of late, as everyone seems to be calling on him to look into the Trump administration. Earlier today, he angered many by asserting that low-income Americans may soon need to choose between having healthcare and “buying that iPhone.”

(Via NBC News)