Chelsea Clinton Effectively Shut Down Trump’s Early Morning Tweet Comparing Her To Ivanka

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Chelsea Clinton to Donald Trump: “Were you giving our country away?”

As Donald Trump continues to flounder through month five of his presidency (is that it?), the hits just keep on coming. The latest bombshell, of course, involves accusations that his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. met with a lawyer with ties to the Kremlin prior to the 2016 election, who allegedly promised “damaging information” on Hillary Clinton. However the President is also taking a lot of heat for his performance at the G20 summit, including his plans of forming a “cyber security unit” with Vladimir Putin and at one point, having his daughter Ivanka Trump actually take his place in the meeting.

So amid all this swirling controversy, Trump did the only thing he knows how, and that is to deflect, deflect, deflect on Twitter. In addition to retweeting Sean Hannity and Fox & Friends several times, the President kicked off the week Monday morning with a good old fashioned tweet storm, taking particular umbrage with critics of Ivanka standing in for him at G20.

Yes, what if Chelsea Clinton were to hold court for her mother, should Hillary have won the election and was the one attending meetings with our world’s leaders? For starters, it would never happen in the first place, as Chelsea was quick to fire back on Twitter — adding in an extra dig at the end.

Makes you wonder what exactly did go on during Trump and Putin’s extended one-on-one talk at the G20. Inquiring minds want to know.

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