Chelsea Handler Isn’t Buying Sean Spicer’s Hitler Apology: ‘He Can’t Possibly Be That Stupid Naturally’

Chelsea Handler has apparently chosen Sean Spicer as her favorite member of the Trump administration and Tuesday was an essential moment in the tale that is being weaved about him. It might not last too much longer given the response to his claims that Hitler never used chemical weapons and his discussion on “Holocaust centers,” but it has been a fun ride up until now. For Handler, Spicer is a special kind of stupid that can’t possibly be spouting drivel on his own. She feels that someone — namely the president — is feeding his things like, “talk about Hitler,” before he goes out to face the press:

“And then Sean Spicer is in the middle of diarrhea, pulling his pants up, and he has to go out there and just lie over and over and over again”

She also calls him “baked potato guy” and doesn’t buy his apology for the comments, wishing she could get a crack at him during one of the daily press briefings:

“How do you feel about working for this man who says one thing on Wednesday and another thing on Friday?”

Handler doesn’t have any love for Ivanka Trump either, explaining that First Daughter’s continued public support of her father despite everything he has said and done. This leads to a weird conversation about her own father — who she’d never let run for president — and some jokes from Conan.

We’re going to miss moments with Spicer when they’re all gone. His replacement will have some large, sweaty, misinformed shoes to fill.

(Via Conan)