Vicente Fox Shares His Distaste For Donald Trump With Chelsea Handler

In a new clip from Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox breaks down his aversion to Donald Trump. The clip opens with Handler asking Vicente, apparently mid conversation, “Okay so what about Donald Trump?” Vicente holds his nose. “No, no. Terrible!” He goes on to explain that he doesn’t really dislike Trump as a person, but he’ll never be a fan of the wall Trump wants to build between the U.S. and Mexico:

“I mean it’s nothing personal. Whatever he has proposed, and the way he offends, it’s incredible that he can be running for president of this nation. That he pretends to sit in the chair that was occupied once by President Washington, or President Jefferson, or President Kennedy, or President Reagan. It’s incredible that this guy with his crazy hair could be sitting in that chair. Talking about building a wall… The wall is built already, and Americans paid for it. It has served no purpose at all. There are other ways and means. You can use your mind, if he has one, you can use your intelligence, if he has one, and go on a different route.”

Vicente Fox has long been a critic of Trump, whom he has called a “false prophet” and compared to Hitler (much to the shock of a few news anchors). And in May, Fox roasted the real estate mogul and reality TV star for outsourcing the manufacturing of his clothing lines to China and Mexico.

For her part, Chelsea Handler has posed naked on Instagram with “TRUMP IS A BUTT” written on her back in permanent marker. She certainly knows how to make a point. Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversation between these two after the cameras stopped rolling?