Chelsea Manning’s Friends And Family Have Launched A GoFundMe Page To Help Her When She’s Out Of Prison

Chelsea Manning’s loved ones have started GoFundMe page to assist her when she gets out of prison. Manning‘s 35-year sentence was mostly commuted by President Obama during his last week in office, and the former United State’s Army analyst will be freed on May 17th.

Manning was convicted in 2013 for leaking classified government documents to WikiLeaks, and she’s remained in prison since that time. She went on a hunger strike to protest her conditions, and the situation became more complicated due to restrictions placed after her gender reassignment surgery was granted. Now that she’s almost on the cusp of release, family and friends are making sure she lands on her feet once the big day hits:

“The majority of Chelsea’s adult life has been spent under the control of powerful institutions. Upon her release, she will need logistical, emotional, and financial support to safely transition into the free world. For the first time in her life, Chelsea will have the opportunity to live freely as her authentic self, to grow her hair, engage with her friends, and build her own networks of love and support. We want her to have the tools to do that and to overcome the years of abuse she has experience in custody.

“Funds raised will be used to pay for Chelsea’s rent, utilities, health care, clothing and other living expenses for the first year after she is released.”

The GoFundMe’s goal is $100,000, and it has already accumulated more than $22,000 in less than 24 hours. You can visit and (if you so desire) donate by clicking here. Manning has already expressed her gratitude for the donations on Twitter.

(Via GoFundMe)