A Pair Of Unsung Heroes Trolled Chris Christie’s Beach Trip With A Sand Sculpture On The Jersey Shore

The hugely unpopular (and unrepentant) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stirred further controversy over the weekend when he was spotted lounging on a state beach with his family. State government officials are, of course, well within their rights to enjoy the fruits provided by the very governing body they work for, but due to New Jersey’s inability to agree on a new state budget, the beach in question (and many others) had been shut down. Christie ultimately reopened the state’s beaches after a new budget agreement was met, but refused to apologize for his apparent hypocrisy.

Enter the two unsung heroes of the Fourth of July weekend, a pair of sculptors known only as “Larry and Tom” by Jersey Shore lifeguards. According to NBC, they worked from around 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. local time on a sand sculpture of Christie lounging in his chair, staring up into the sky at the helicopter that captured his since viral image. Along with a Jaws-like shark announcing Tuesday’s holiday, the sand sculpture at Seaside Heights provided fellow beach-goers with some much-needed relief from their state’s outgoing governor.

(Via NBC Washington and NBC New York)