Anthony Scaramucci And CNN’s Chris Cuomo Spar Over Trump’s Pocahontas Jab: ‘Save Me Your Cheap Shots’

While President Trump did what many assumed he would and revived his “Pocahontas” insult for Sen. Elizabeth Warren while honoring Native American code talkers, his former White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci stirred up trouble at Tufts University. After threatening to sue the student newspaper for decrying his since-postponed visit to the school, the event was ultimately cancelled, prompting the “Mooch” to dub his critics “baby-ish.” So of course CNN’s Chris Cuomo decided to invite Scaramucci onto New Day to discuss the Trump administration’s latest kerfuffles.

The meeting went about as well as you would expect. When Cuomo asked Scaramucci about the context of Trump’s Pocahontas jab at Warren (honoring Native American veterans in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson) and whether or not it became a “great distraction,” the latter chalked it up to the “president’s style,” which he called “shock-jockey.” Scaramucci then went on to claim Americans voted for Trump because of his style, which Cuomo interpreted as “people [voting] for him because he’ll use a racial slur against one of his opponents.” That’s when the Mooch suggested “victims of racial slurring” should simply brush it off:

“You’ve been victims of racial slurring because of your ethnic heritage. So have I. What do you do in a situation like that? This is what I do. [brushes shoulders] See that? And that’s what you do. You have to do that. At the end of the day, we’re getting a little bit too micro-managing with each other’s languages and the whole political correctness movement. I think most people, in general, are tired of it. You are. I am. Maybe you’re not. I don’t know, you work at CNN. But I’m totally tired of it.”

“Oh save me your cheap shots!” Cuomo exclaimed. “The President of the United States uses a racial slur.” When the Mooch attempted to joke that his jab was more of an “expensive shot,” however, the New Day co-anchor fired back. “Only for you. My standard would have started a little higher, but I’m giving you a discount effect off the bat.”

(Via CNN)