CNN’s Chris Cuomo Slams Kellyanne Conway For Defending Trump’s ‘Insulting’ Women’s March Tweet

Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway were at it again on Monday night, this time over Donald Trump’s inaccurate and insensitive tweet about Saturday’s Women’s March — which saw hundreds of thousands of women across the country come out to protest the current administration. Conway, still wearing her Eagles green, had been invited onto CNN to discuss the reopening of the government, but it didn’t take long for things to devolve from there.

The line of conversation stemmed from some confusion as to whether or not Conway would return after a commercial break, who apparently said nothing when Cuomo asked her if she was staying. Arguing over whether or not “silence means acceptance,” Conway brought up the protest to back up her point, but Cuomo wasn’t having it.

“Oh, the Women’s March,” Cuomo asked, before turning his attention to Trump’s tweet about the march, below. “The one where the president was tweeting that all the people were out there marching to say how great he’s done?”

Conway then twisted his words, attempting to insinuate that women were marching to celebrate the unemployment rate — again, courtesy of Trump, of course.

“You know that’s not why they were marching, isn’t that insulting to all those women out there who are looking for leadership and looking for someone to get behind them?” Cuomo grilled her. “And instead, he makes a joke about their march?”

Conway then continued to insist that it was “no joke” that the march was due to the lowest unemployment rate for women in 17 years — which, aside from being blatantly false, could also be attributed to Trump’s predecessor.

“And it’s no joke that they don’t get equal pay and women like you have been forced to do it twice as hard as men to get to the same place,” Cuomo continued. “And it’s not right. And you know it and I know it. And you guys are in a position to do something about it and instead he’s tweeting, you know, a little tongue and cheek about it. Why? Why wasn’t he out there?”

Conway didn’t have an answer for that, so instead blamed pay inequality on eight years of Obama, which is about par for the course. At least she didn’t find a way to blame Hillary this time? Sounds like progress!