The Man Who Trump Is Championing As His Voter Fraud Expert Came Off As A Buffoonish Jackass On CNN This Morning

The man who’s feeding Donald Trump’s obsession with his own false voter fraud claims (because he can’t cope with losing the popular vote) appeared this morning on CNN. Chris Cuomo hosted Gregg Phillips, who developed an app, VoteStand, and who supports Trump’s feeling that his victory was undermined by over 3 million illegal votes. Neither Trump nor Phillips holds any evidence to support this claim (because no evidence exists), and the appearance did not go well.

Phillips doesn’t “know” any more than Trump does about these so-called illegal votes and didn’t prepare well for this interview. Cuomo eventually got Phillips to admit that it will be months before he can dig into the matter and provide something to back up Trump’s “rigged” election claims. Neither Trump nor Phillips seems to realize that they’re undermining a Trump victory, and the president believes this guy over U.S. intelligence’s “conclusive” evidence that Russia hacked in an effort to help him win.

The VoteStand app has six iTunes reviews and has been downloaded a few thousand times. Phillips first drew some attention after conspiracy theorist Alex Jones promoted his wares and the false claim that “three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens.”

Yeah, that’s where Trump found this guy. On Infowars. And Trump tweeted his support for VoteStand after Cuomo made Phillips look like a hack.

Polifact dug in on Phillips and found these tweets, but Phillips didn’t have any evidence to show Polifact when they quizzed him.

This guy is a conspiracy theorist and a half, if these tweets are any indication.

Phillips, who thanked Trump for his support this morning and vowed to help “lead the analysis and reporting effort from here.”

America’s in good hands, folks!