Chris Farley’s Brother Does Not Appreciate His Last Days Being Compared To Donald Trump’s Campaign

Many things have been said about Donald Trump’s campaign to this point in Election 2016, but few have attempted to draw in the death of beloved comedian. That’s where Trump supporter John Phillips went on Thursday during one of CNN’s many panel shouting fests, drawing on memories of Chris Farley’s tragic demise to pain the situation within the GOP nominee’s campaign:

“Over the last few days, I’m not surprised to see people running for the hills,” talk show host John Phillips, an outspoken Trump backer, said on CNN.

“The last 72 hours for Donald Trump have been the political equivalent of Chris Farley’s final 72 hours on planet Earth.”

Not exactly the brightest way to describe a political campaign. If he could work in Phil Hartman being murdered or Jon Lovitz being eaten by that bear, we might actually have the worst segment of television CNN has produced — even worse than the time Don Lemon questioned if Malaysian Flight 370 had been swallowed by black hole.

If it wasn’t clear, some of the folks on the panel had a very distinct reaction to the comment. But The Hollywood Reporter reached out to Farley’s brother for the definitive take on the comparison:

Kevin Farley had a three-word response: “Tasteless and rude,”

Tasteless and rude could also be a reaction to even being bothered with such questions, but the initial comment still likely takes the cake. It has to have been prepared beforehand, likely with much thought on how striking it could be. In the end, it’s just pretty offensive no matter what candidate we’re talking about.

(Via The Hill / The Hollywood Reporter)

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