Trump’s FBI Pick On Don Jr.’s Emails: The Bureau Should Be Told About ‘Any Threat’ To The Country’s Elections

While Donald Trump insists his White House is “functioning perfectly” amid numerous reports of utter chaos — thanks largely to his eldest son’s email scandal — FBI director nominee Christopher Wray testified before Congress. And seeing as how Wray’s testimony came before the Senate Judiciary Committee, on which Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) serves, questions regarding Don Jr.’s email exchanges concerning, and eventual meeting with, a Russian lawyer about obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton were asked.

Graham, who on Monday joined a bipartisan chorus of congresspeople suggesting Don Jr. testify before one or more committees, asked Wray point blank if the young Trump should have taken the infamous meeting. “I’m hearing for the first time your description of it, so I’m not really in a position to speak to it,” Wray demured, hoping to avoid the topic altogether. Yet Graham wouldn’t allow him to, and insisted on pushing Wray further into offering an answer to his question about Trump Jr. “You’re going to be the director of the FBI,” he exclaimed, adding that the nominee should at least provide an official comment.

“To the members of this committee,” Wray began, “Any threat or effort to interfere with out elections from any nation state or any non-state actor is the kind of thing the FBI would want to know.” Satisfied with the nominee’s otherwise coerced answer, Graham concluded, “We should call you,” adding that it was a “great answer.” Coercion notwithstanding, Wray’s clarification that such attempts by foreign officials and “non-state” persons are worth the FBI’s attention is telling, as it covers Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Trump Jr. but insists she’s not connected to the Kremlin, and music publicist Rob Goldstone, who set up the meeting.


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