Hillary Clinton’s Team Feels So Confident, They Pulled Ads In Two Swing States

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While Donald Trump may be putting all his eggs in the swing state basket, Hillary Clinton has a pretty chill attitude about her situation. The Democratic presidential nominee is choosing not to run ads in Virginia and Colorado, two swing states she is leading in the polls.

A swing state can turn the tide in an election, but Clinton feels confident about her chances in Virginia and Colorado, thanks in part to growing minority communities and college-educated white voters. Even though she’s not diverting any more resources to these locations, that doesn’t mean Clinton will coast through the rest of the campaign season. She is still shelling out $80 million for ads in eight states through election day, with $77 million designated for September and October. A Clinton aide told CNN they are going to start employing some new campaign tactics:

“Our campaign is going to use every tool in our toolbox from a massive grassroots campaign, state-of-the-art digital outreach and a significant advertising campaign to make sure every voter knows the stakes in this election and the danger Donald Trump represents.”

However, a different aide said ad buys could change as election day comes closer. The decision not to run any advertisements also comes from a top Clinton SuperPac, Priorities USA. Justin Barasky, communications director for Priorities USA, told CNN they know Virginia and Colorado are tough states for Trump to secure, so they don’t see the need to buy any airtime. It’s a very cavalier attitude to have, but Clinton is ahead in the polls, so this assumption could benefit them in the long run.

(Via CNN)