These Lying Liars Claim Hillary Clinton Emailed Cosby Jokes To Vladimir Putin

From self-professed Trump voters to people who buy the news that Martin Luther King Jr. endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee, the past year has provided plenty of television gold for Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Lie Witness News” segment. Hence why, following the Benghazi Committee’s final report that found no wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, Kimmel’s camera crew asked folks whether or not they’d read the infamous emails. To make a short story shorter, no, none of the people included in the final edit had actually read Clinton’s emails. And yes, their Pinocchio-esque claims about having read them were fantastic.

As always, the interviewers likely went through lots of willing participants before they found these people, but oh man did they find them. Among other things, those depicted believed:

  • Clinton wrote back to many of the Nigerian princes who emailed her asking for bank transfers
  • Clinton forwarded a bunch of Bill Cosby jokes to Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Clinton accepted a LinkedIn request from Osama bin Laden

Perhaps the best part of the bit, however, was the bespectacled, pink-adorned woman who felt the need to express her true feelings. For not only did she believe everything Kimmel‘s people said about the presumptive Democratic nominee, but she really didn’t like her. Like, really didn’t like her:

Honestly, you really want me to be honest? She’s not a true American. I see her as a traitor to the country… Hillary, you call yourself a Christian, you call yourself a believer, but the problem is you don’t practice it because you’re living this lie and you need to turn yourself in.

To paraphrase President Franklin D. Roosevelt, “November 8, 2016 — a date which will live in infamy.”