Clinton And Kaine Insist On ’60 Minutes’ That They Won’t Roll Around In The Mud With Trump

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have done their fair share of attacking one another whether it be on Twitter, in campaign ads or during their speeches, but it seems like Clinton may have had a change of heart. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and her pick for VP, Senator Tim Kaine, sat down with Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes last Sunday and said they were no longer going to go back and forth in the mud with Trump.

“Whatever he says about me, he’s perfectly free to use up his own air time and his own space to do,” said Clinton in reference to The Donald’s “Crooked Hillary” attacks. “I’m going to talk about what he’s done, how he has hurt people in business time after time after time.”

Clinton says Trump’s inflammatory insults against immigrants, Muslims, and women are “fundamentally at odds with who we are as a nation [and] where we need to be heading in the future.” She stressed that she’s going to focus on the “dangerous, risky leadership he’s promising” instead of his attacks. Kaine also weighed in, relating the name-calling to elementary school behavior:

“Can I say this? I don’t want to — she’s done a good job of letting the, you know, water go off her back on this. That’s not the way I feel. When I see this, you know, “Crooked Hillary,” or I see the, “Lock her up,” it’s just ridiculous. It is ridiculous.

But I just — you know– it is beneath the character of the kind of dialogue we should have. Because we got real serious problems to solve. And look, most of us stopped the name-calling thing about fifth grade.”

Trump apparently watched Clinton and Kaine on the episode and responded on Twitter, of course.