CNN’s Jim Acosta Completely Went Off On The Trump White House On Twitter Today

Getty Image / Alex Wong

It doesn’t take an Ivy League or Trump University professor to proclaim that President Donald Trump and a significant portion of press have been far from head-over-heels for each other. The non-Fox & Friends crowd aren’t particularly cuddly with Trump and Trump’s rants and accusations about “fake news” are reciprocating the anti-love. The latest chapter in this multi volume saga arrived today in the form of a tweeted retort to the Trump White House’s off camera press briefing approach.

CNN Senior White House Correspondent and frequent Sean Spicer jouster Jim Acosta expressed his frustrations on Twitter about Thursday’s daily press briefing being done with no video or audio broadcast permitted. (Audio was eventually allowed, but no explanation why was given.) This marks the second time in four days that this policy has been enforced. Acosta slammed the practice and its lack of transparency courtesy of a tidy Twitter blast. In Acosta’s view, the White House is disregarding the rights of American citizens as they seek answers on what’s happening with their government.

“Sure we do “pen and pad” gaggles all the time with various officials. This is different. It’s a briefing without the cameras. Why is that?” writes the veteran newsman. “The reason why is that YOUR government doesn’t want YOU to see and hear what they’re doing. In the United States of America.”

The restriction (and Acosta’s rebuke) comes on a day where there’s a lot of demand for answers regarding a number of hot topic issues like the secretive take 2 Trumpcare bill and Trump stating he did not record James Comey after previously threatening to release their talks. As these briefings teeter on becoming a steady trend, members of the media will keep voicing their displeasure to keep exclusively camera-free answers from becoming a way of life.