Colin Jost And Michael Che Explain Why The DNC Was Weirder Than The RNC

Last season, “Weekend Update” went from skip unless Kate McKinnon is playing the Russian peasant, to must-watch. Colin Jost and Michael Che finally solidified a loose chemistry that works for them. The hosts took that show on the road this month, first to Cleveland, the home of the 2016 Republican National Convention, and then Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. Along the way, they had trouble finding people at the RNC who recognize Mike Pence, played Trumpémon Go, tried to hand out free bottles of Donald Trump water, and noted that crying Bernie Sanders supporters “look like Dave Matthews just played ‘Crash Into Me.’ What are you so sad about? You’re gonna be fine. What do you think is going to happen if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get to be president? You still get to be white.”

Jost and Che are back in New York, where they dropped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss the differences between the RNC and DNC. “I think the Democratic was so much weirder,” Jost said. There were crazy people in Cleveland, but it was “10 people with giant crosses and bullhorns, and you’re like, okay, sure.” In Philly, “there were thousands, and they were all Democrats.” But, Che noted, “Cleveland was a lot scarier. There was a lot of cops.”

At least the conventions are over, and now we can get back to… wait, the election isn’t for another three months? Well, shoot.