Colombia Just Seized Eight Tons Of Cocaine In The Country’s Biggest Bust Ever


Colombia is claiming that is has seized 8.8 tons of cocaine — attributed to the Clan Usaga (a.k.a. Los Urabeños or the Autodefensas Gaitanistas) cartel — in what is being described as the country’s largest seizure of the narcotic ever. The powdery substance was found in a banana plantation in the municipality of Turbo, which is an apt name for a place where a historic haul of a drug that causes you to grind your teeth into dust was found.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos called it an “Overwhelming blow to criminals” on Sunday. The estimated value of the seizure is $240 million, and three people were arrested along with the cache of coke. The U.S. currently has a price of $5,000,000 hanging over the head of Dario Antonio Usuga David, the leader of the cartel, and any information leading to his capture and conviction will net you a hefty sum of zeros in your bank account.

According to the United Nations, Colombia produces more than 487 tons of fun powder per year, making it the largest producer of cocaine that is found in the U.S.

Somewhere in Colombia, Dario David is watering down a mound of booger sugar with his tears. Let’s not all feel too bad for him.

(Via NBC News)