Comcast Has Just Promised To Fix Their Awful Customer Service

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Every horror story you’ve ever heard about Comcast is about to become a distant memory. Maybe. The company has vowed to take customers’ concerns seriously and stop messing around with people’s lives, renaming them “A**hole” in their system and refusing to shut off their cable even after their house has burned down.

Deadline reports that the cable giant is going to do its best to hire more service workers, modernize its stores and make sure that customer retention happens because of excellent service and not employees who just won’t let you cancel your account. Comcast is also going to make sure that your technicians are on time for their appointments.

“Customer expectations have changed,” says Comcast Cable CEO Neil Smit. “People want immediate gratification and immediate solutions to their problems.” The initiatives will pay for themselves if they improve customer retention. What’s more “it will take noise out of the system.”

If you’re skeptical, Comcast’s CEO says that the service has already been getting better:

Roberts says that service reliability actually has improved over the last several years, even as its products across TV, broadband and phone have become more complex. Service and satisfaction “are not exactly the same things.” And he acknowledges that the company will never be perfect. “The bar is always rising…You’ll always be able to ask that question.”

You’re right. I won’t stop asking that question until my technician shows up with a pizza and a box of tissues to console me the next time it turns out that all the cables in my house have to be replaced. And you should, too.

Source: Deadline

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