The Congressional Baseball Field Shooter Acted Alone, Says The FBI

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The FBI has determined that James T. Hodgkinson, the man who opened fire on a Congressional baseball practice, acted alone and did not have ties to any terrorist groups. Meanwhile, house majority whip Steve Scalise, who was shot in the hip, has been upgraded from critical to fair condition.

The FBI investigated the incident, and found that Hodgkinson acted on his own recognizance. The unemployed home inspector had a profound dislike of President Donald Trump and other Republicans, which motivated the shooting. Hodgkinson had also engaged in target practice at his home in Belleville, Illinois with legally obtained firearms. The FBI is still analyzing electronic evidence obtained from Hodgkinson’s personal affects and a storage unit.

Scalise was initially reported to be in critical condition, with trauma director Dr. Siva explaining that the bullet which entered his hip “did substantial damage to bones, internal organs, and blood vessels.” He arrived at MedStar Trauma Center at “imminent risk of death” according to CBS News, and has undergone multiple surgeries. His condition has now been upgraded to “fair,” though it is expected he still has a long recovery time ahead of him.

Last week, the Congressional baseball game went on despite the violence, with huge support and 24,959 tickets sold. The Democrat team won, and according to a press release, the game raised $1.5 million. “The game took on a more profound meaning after Wednesday’s shooting as Americans from all backgrounds stood united in the name of charity,” organizers said in the release.

Meanwhile, prior to a runoff with Democrat Jon Ossoff, a GOP Georgia official said, “I think the shooting is going to win this election for us. Because moderates and independents in this district are tired of left-wing extremism.” Whether it was the Hodgkinson effect or simply the outcome of a tight race in a historically red county, Handel did indeed win last night after a contentious, and expensive, race.

Handel was right about one thing though — for Scalise, the others directly involved, and the rest of the United States, the waves made by Hodgkinson’s shooting will continue to be felt.

(Via NPR)