One Member Of Congress Is Now Trying To Block Harriet Tubman From The $20 Bill

Remember when the U.S. Treasury selected Harriet Tubman for a replacement on the $20 bill? Those were some interesting days, especially once people started to get upset that their favorite president, Andrew Jackson, was going to be removed.

Clearly Iowa Representative Steve King was one of those people, or you would assume he is due to the actions he just took according to KTLA:

Republican Rep. Steve King introduced an amendment to bar the Treasury Department from spending any funds to redesign paper money or coin currency.

If the amendment is enacted, it would nullify the Treasury Department’s plans to replace the current image of Jackson on the $20 bill with a portrait of Tubman, one of the most prominent abolitionists for her work in the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. She would become the first black woman ever to appear on a U.S. banknote.

On top of that, The Huffington Post reports that King is attempting to connect the bill to another that would authorize the Treasury Department’s funding. This smells pretty fishy, but what can you expect?

King and his office have not released a comment on the bill or why it exists, but it’s there, just lying in wait to take any and all good from an event and ruin it.

(Via The Huffington Post / KTLA)