A Connecticut School District Has Gone On A Precautionary ‘Soft Lockdown’ Over A Potential Threat

Avon School District

After the massacre in Parkland, FL, school districts across the country are taking no chances. As a result, the Avon school district in Connecticut has put all five schools on a “soft” lockdown after finding a note (that includes vague threats) inside a local business.

The Hartford Courant reports that the note, found in a Quest Diagnostics waiting room when it opened for business this morning, is unlikely to be a genuine threat. But understandably, nobody’s taking chances:

The handwritten note found in a waiting room at Quest Diagnostics on West Avon Road threatened that “The schools are going to be shot up,” Police Chief Mark Rinaldo said. The note did not identify any particular school or school district. “We think it’s an interpretation problem,” [Rinaldo] said. Still, he added, “given everything that went on in the last week, we’re just being careful.” Police alerted the school system.

The police believe they know who wrote the note, or at least the context it was written in, and that it’s improbable that it’s any sort of genuine threat. The lockdown is “soft,” which means outside doors are locked and nobody is allowed inside the building until the lockdown is lifted. Classes are still proceeding as normal, although parent/teacher meetings have been canceled for the day, and it’s likely the lockdown will be lifted by the end of the day.

(via Hartford Courant)