Cory Booker Argues How The Bernie Or Bust Crowd Still Plays A Valuable Role

Stephen Colbert got a huge interview with day one DNC speaker Cory Booker on Tuesday and the junior senator continued to carry the passion from his speech. Not only did he continue to bring the energy and positive spirit from his fantastic speech on Monday, he also took a different route than other members of the party when discussing the Bernie Or Bust contingent at the convention.

Instead of following in the footsteps of Sarah Silverman and lashing out at the numerous Bernie Sanders supporters making noise at the event, Booker told Stephen Colbert that those people are still important. He notes that the GOP had many boycott their convention, but the Democrats are keeping their party open despite the friction.

It’s a classy move in light of a lot of derision and ridicule being aimed at the Bernie Sanders supporters that are still voicing their displeasure on social media and in Philadelphia. He notes that Bernie Sanders’ “fierce competition” changed the platform for the party and changed “the national conversation” and likely made Hillary Clinton a better candidate in the process.

Many won’t agree with that, like Susan Sarandon, but it at least shows that some members of the party are willing to publicly welcome Bernie Sanders supporters into the fold and hopefully listen to their concerns.

(Via The Late Show)