Cory Booker Kills Donald Trump’s Trolling Attempts With Kindness

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Cory Booker’s still soaring after his rousing DNC speech, which caused him to trend on Twitter for the second time in as many months. The first time occurred when he quoted Langston Hughes and spoke of the “fire in my belly” during the Senate’s gun-control filibuster. And on the convention’s first night, Booker quoted many greats, including Maya Angelou, and pledged to the country, “We will rise.” The New Jersey senator’s profile is also rising on a national level, and his enduring positive energy grabs the most attention. In fact, the mood of Booker’s speech seemed like the polar opposite of the Republican convention‘s endless series of take downs.

One person who wasn’t impressed by Booker’s performance happened to be Donald Trump, who took to Twitter with a vague threat. Perhaps Trump felt threatened by all the folks who were raving about Booker’s bright future. The real-estate mogul tweeted that Booker would give the Democratic party “no future,” and then he added, “I know more about Cory than he knows about himself.”

Well, that’s not good. Trump’s already preparing himself for future attack mode. Perhaps Booker will find himself gracing the pages of The Enquirer. Yet Booker isn’t ruffled. When quizzed on CNN’s New Day, Booker did not hit back with anger. Instead, he answered with an unfamiliar response … love. Just like in his DNC speech, Booker made use of a “Love Trumps Hate”-style message and said he won’t counter Trump’s hate with more hate:

“I love you, Donald — I pray for you. I hope that you find some kindness in your heart, that you’re not going to be somebody who spews out insults to your political opposition, that you’re going to start finding some ways to love … I’m going to keep loving on him. I’m going to tell the truth about him, but I’m going to keep loving on him, praying for the best for him and his family.”

The show’s hosts dug in a bit and asked Booker what Trump could possibly mean by “knowing” something about the senator. In response, Booker lightly mocked how Trump wants people to speculate about his enemies, and “Ooh, it sounds so sinister.” Can’t you see the steam rising from Trump’s ears right now? He’s not used to positivity at all. And this isn’t the first time Booker has killed them with kindness. It’s quite a talent.

Here’s a clip of Booker’s appearance on CNN’s New Day.