Cory Booker Mercilessly Grills Mike Pompeo Over His Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

CIA Director Mike Pompeo is currently enduring his Senate confirmation hearing in a quest to become secretary of state. Along the way, he admitted that he won’t resign if Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and then Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who’s always willing to rain some fire, took his turn. In doing so, Booker pointed out how Pompeo was about to lead the State Department in a time when hate speech and hate crimes are on the rise.

Booker then brought up a Pompeo’s previous anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT statements, and the Democratic senator also quoted a previous Pompeo congressional speech, in which he expressed concern at how America “worshiped other gods and called it multiculturalism and endorses perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle.” Booker then got down to business on Pompeo’s opposition to same-sex marriage:

Booker: “Is being gay a perversion?”

Pompeo: “Senator, when I was a politician, I had a very clear view, whether it was a appropriate for two same-sex persons to marry. I stand by that…”

Booker: “So, you don’t believe it’s appropriate for two gay people to marry?”

Pompeo: “I continue to hold that view.”

From there, the fireworks persisted with Pompeo insisting that he worked alongside same-sex couples at the CIA and treated them with respect, and Booker continued to hammer away at him while asking, “Do you believe that gay sex is a perversion?” Pompeo sputtered while continuing to parrot that his view had not changed, and Booker expressed disbelief at how Pompeo could become secretary of state while separating Americans into groups in addressing violence. Watch the full segment below, courtesy of Fox News.

(Via CNN & Fox News)