Curt Schilling Makes His Endorsement For President And It Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

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Curt Schilling, former video game entrepreneur, has made his official endorsement for a Presidential candidate. We probably don’t need to tell you who it is, you can probably guess if you know anything about Curt Schilling at all. It you’ve ever even skimmed a news story about Schilling, maybe the one about when he got fired by ESPN, you can figure out who he is endorsing. However, just in case you are still in the dark, we’ll still tell you. Curt Schilling has thrown his support behind Home Alone 2 star Donald Trump.

This was inevitable, given how outspoken he is about his political views, to his detriment, and where those political views lie on the spectrum. This isn’t even a “dog bites man” story. It’s a “dog bites squeaky dog toy” story. Despite Schilling’s endorsement of Trump being unsurprising, that doesn’t mean Schilling didn’t put his full effort into it. He wrote a 1,500 page spiel on his website detailed why, exactly, he is supporting Trump:

I’ve known Mr. Trump for a little over a decade. Our first encounter, and subsequent encounters, had to do with his request for me to appear on the apprentice.

We spoke at length every time we got together.

I realized very quickly this was a man decisive in action and confident in his ability.

I also realized that regardless of his net worth, he worked his ass off. He didn’t have time for 8 hours sleep each night, too much to be done.

If you just want the abridged version, Schilling supports Trump because Trump loves this country, and Trump will keep Schilling and his family safe. Also, Schilling took a little detour to chastise the “frauds in the liberal media,” writing, “Those that still listen and believe you, and the massive amount of misinformation you publish are the lazy sheep and apathetic folks who will pull a lever for the felon or the socialist come next election.”

Remember when Curt Schilling was just a great pitcher with a goofy haircut?

(Via Deadspin)