‘The Daily Show’ Takes On Overzealous Bernie Sanders Supporters To Point Out Major Campaign Flaws

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Bernie Sanders remains beloved by many, but his idealistic ways only stand the remotest chance of taking the Democratic nomination. The Vermont senator still promises a contested convention despite the dismal odds, so Trevor Noah is here to provide a reality check to Sanders supporters. However, he tries not to anger them too much because they can be a little fierce in their defense. So, Noah begins with jokes about how Hillary Clinton would remain unstoppable even with “another Benghazi” or if she outed herself as “Becky With The Good Hair.” Barring a hemp-filled miracle, Sanders won’t prevail based upon pure mathematics, but he still insists upon a contested contest. To which Noah replies, “Are you sh*tting me?”

Speaking of math, Noah concedes out that he likes the Bern as a person. Yet he runs unavoidable quotes from several economists and critics who point out how the country cannot afford Sanders’ plans. Then Noah receives a warning to stop poking the “hornet’s next with student debt,” who will defend their man until the bitter end. Noah persists in tearing apart Sanders’ unrealistic financial figures to multiple interruptions. A Bernie Bro shows up, and no one will listen to logic, but then a special guest appears at the end. And she’s hungry for revenge.

This clip is a crash of cymbals, sound, and fury, which don’t signify much, but these characters won’t listen to that criticism either.