‘The Daily Show’ Says Goodbye To The DNC Like Only They Can

The Democratic National Convention is in the books, and comedians had a field day with the convention this year. If there was one group that seemed to thrive at the convention was Trevor Noah and The Daily Show crew.

Always providing biting political commentary, Noah and the correspondents provided a wrap up of the event. Noah began by exposing on the end of the convention when everyone was smiling ear to ear once the balloons dropped. I mean, who couldn’t be upset when a cavalcade of balloons dropping from the rafters. Noah then turned his attention to some of the standout speeches from the event. He zeroed in on Michael Bloomberg’s speech and how Donald Trump responded in a combative way. Noah brought up the point that Trump may not have the temperament to be president, if a few scathing critiques come his way.

But the Democratic party was not immune from criticism as correspondent Desi Lyic sifted through each speech. There was some pretty nice things to say for the major speeches, but Lyic did call out Senator Elizabeth Warren for her speech being a bit hypocritical.

And Noah and some of the correspondents fed the Philadelphia crowd’s ego and compared this election and convention to that of the Rocky franchise. The pandering did get a rowdy round of applause. But the Daily Show did want to convey that the overall feeling of unity and pride was felt on the convention floor.

(Via Comedy Central)