‘The Daily Show’ Unearthed Some Insane Conspiracy Theories At A Trump Rally

You kind of have to hand it to Donald Trump supporters. After weeks and months of yammering on about the health of Hillary Clinton, it can be argued that they were actually on to something when the Democratic candidate actually became stricken with pneumonia. Of course, if you put a thousand chimpanzees in front of a thousand typewriters, eventually one of them is going to bang out a conspiracy theory that has legs.

Putting that theory to the test, The Daily Show sent correspondent Jordan Klepper to Trump rallies in the swing states of Ohio and Wisconsin to see what else his supporters might be onto. As far as Clinton’s health goes, it might be worse than any of us expected. One gentleman he spoke to thinks it might even be full blown AIDS. And how did Hillary Clinton contract AIDS, you might ask? “Uhh, the way her husband used to be,” he told Klepper. When asked how Bill Clinton got AIDS, he came back with the perfectly reasonable response: “Probably messing around with that Magic Johnson.”

Other theories involved Clinton’s body double, the media covering up African-American Trump supporters, and that Obama may have been responsible for 9/11 because he wasn’t even at work that day. You know, at his job, as President of the United States of America. In 2001.

Yeah, gonna have to guess the whole pneumonia thing was just a fluke.

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