Dan Aykroyd Has Come Out To Pledge His Support To The Kids Of A Murdered Philadelphia Cop

While promoting his Crystal Head vodka line in Philadelphia, Dan Aykroyd proved that he’s not just a comedy guy, or a believer in the paranormal, or even a vodka connoisseur — he’s a giver. The city suffered a tragic loss on Thursday when Officer Robert Wilson III, a city cop, was gunned down in a GameStop while buying a game for his nine-year-old son. Aykroyd took the stage to say a few words to the crowd at the Philadelphia Flower Show and pledged to donate to a trust fund that was set up to benefit both of Wilson’s children.

Sure, Dan Aykroyd might be pushing the Ghostbusters thing further than we’d like, supporting the new reboot and hinting at another, and he might be doing it for the money because people like money. But this goes to show that it’s not all going to end up in his own pockets. What a mensch!

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)