The Talent Agency That’s Represented Danny Masterson For 20 Years Has Cut Ties With Him Amid Rape Allegations

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After 20 years with top Hollywood agency UTA (United Talent Agency), Danny Masterson has been quietly dropped as a client. The parting of ways comes amid multiple allegations of rape facing the actor.

The Huffington Post spoke with UTA who confirmed that they’ve cut ties with Masterson as a client. “UTA no longer represents Danny Masterson” is the official statement from the agency, with HuffPost reporting they’ve spoken with sources who claim the decision was made “some time back.” Deadline reports they’ve spoken with sources at the agency who have said the same thing.

Masterson was fired from the Netflix series The Ranch in December 2017 following growing backlash to the actor/producer’s continued presence with the streaming service as The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office have investigated him regarding multiple allegations of rape. (Kevin Spacey’s departure from House of Cards over sexual misconduct claims was noticeably swifter and more public than how Netflix responded to claims facing Masterson.) Masterson has been adamant throughout the process that the encounters were consensual and he denies all claims of sexual assault leveled against him.

In October 2017, UTA (as well as other agencies) elected to no longer represent Bill O’Reilly in the wake of sexual harassment claims attached to the right-wing commentator.

(Via Huffington Post & Deadline)

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