Everyone Seems To Think The Democratic Response To Trump’s Border Wall Speech Was A Bit Of A Disaster


Donald Trump gave a speech to a joint session of Congress about border security and, in his mind, the need for a wall between the United States and Mexico to do something or other. The reasons for the billions he wants that has caused a government shutdown that’s impacted thousands of federal workers across the country were vague, and the scare-tactics were heavy.

Those that disagree with Trump were eager to see the Democratic response, which was broadcast on networks shortly after Trump’s speech wrapped up. What they got was, well, a bit of a disaster that was poorly received on social media.

Pelosi — the newly re-minted Democratic Majority Leader in the House — and Schumer — longtime New York State senator — are considered the leaders of a party that’s mostly tried to resist Trump’s mandates during his first two years in office. But despite retaking the House, many have been frustrated with party leadership and their complaints came to life on Tuesday in a wooden, lackluster response that felt to many like a missed opportunity.

Pelosi and Schumer appeared on screen together at a single podium in front of a number of American flags. But they looked, well, stiff and awkward and not particularly charismatic at any point during the response.

Jake Tapper, taking a picture of a TV screen, seemed to sum everything up by showing just how listless the performance was.

Seriously, just showing an image of the elder statespeople on the screen seemed to adequately sum up just how off everything was.

Many of the comments were about just how wooden the response was, and how difficult it seemed for Pelosi and Schumer to even be on TV in the first place.

For some, it was another unfortunate example of how little Democrats have learned since Trump took office.

There is something to be said about the youth movement in the Democratic party in the midterm elections, and none of that was on display on Tuesday night.

A LOT of people made the same joke about disappointing parents scolding you through the television.

There certainly was a… Bluth air to the proceedings.

Given that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has dominated headlines of late — and generally terrified conservatives with both her ease of communicating policy ideas and what those ideas are — it was jarring to see the top of the Democratic party leadership fail to effectively mount a counteroffensive to what Trump presented on a national stage.

If people learned anything from the Democratic response, it seemed to be that the next time the party wanted to run counter-programming to the president, it needs to come from someone very different behind that podium.