Here’s Why Democrats Chanted ‘Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye’ At Republicans During The Healthcare Vote

Toward the end of Thursday’s vote on the American Health Care Act, something strange happened. Members of the U.S. House began singing the chorus to a popular, late ’60s tune tune by Steam. Anyone who’s seen Remember the Titans will knows the lyrics: “Na na na na / Na na na na / Hey hey hey / Goodbye.” The immediate question asked by the CNN news team — as well as by just about every other political reporter covering the vote — was, “Who is singing that?” Yet the second, and more important question was, “Why were they singing it?”

Many, like CNN’s Jake Tapper, assumed House Republicans were the culprits — thinking they were celebrating the bill’s passage. Yet others weren’t entirely sure and simply admitted members of Congress were chanting the Steam lyrics to acknowledge Trumpcare’s victory. Ultimately CNN’s Jim Sciutto and others covering the ruckus realized the singers were House Democrats.

As for the “why” question, the Washington Post‘s Peter Stevenson wrote, “It was a pretty remarkable act of trolling” since “Democrats are absolutely, positively sure that Thursday’s vote will doom their more vulnerable Republican colleagues — and maybe then some.” Considering the controversial measure’s rocky road to passage, and the millions of American who will lose coverage if the bill is signed into law, there’s every chance the political bloodletting will begin just in time for the 2018 midterms.

(Via CNN and Washington Post)