There Could Be A Mistrial In The Derrick Rose Rape Case After A Blunder By The Accuser’s Lawyers

Derrick Rose may be embroiled in legal proceedings throughout the 2016-17 season after all. According to multiple reporters on the scene in Los Angeles, Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald is considering issuing a mistrial in the $21.5 million civil suit alleging that the New York Knicks star and two of his friends raped a 30-year-old woman.

Rose’s lawyers presented their motion for a mistrial because Jane Doe’s team failed to originally provide them with texts that could prove pertinent to the trial’s outcome. Attorneys for the plaintiff defended their negligence by noting that she had other representation when the texts in question were originally provided. Fitzgerald, though, is apparently very dismayed by the careless nature with which Doe’s attorneys have presented exhibits throughout the trial.

There’s no timeline for the judge to rule on the motion of Rose’s team, and there’s a chance this case could be called back to court if a mistrial is called. However, it’s worth noting that Fitzgerald is wary of extending the case much further. Why? Out of respect for not just Rose’s job responsibilities, but the jury’s time commitment, too.

The Knicks open the season on Oct. 25 at Quicken Loans Arena against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose has missed his team’s previous two preseason games while attending the trial in Los Angeles.