The Senate’s Failed Gun Control Bills Fire Up The Internet To #DisarmHate

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On Monday, the Senate put four gun-control measures up for voting, and all four failed to pass. This outcome occurred a week after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. And the Senate still couldn’t agree after Democrats pulled off a 15-hour filibuster, which goes to show how solidly many politicians will cling to the gun-control loophole. There’s a chance that lawmakers will try this week to pass another measure, but the issue may not see further development until November elections. The Orlando nightclub shooting will still be fresh in many people’s minds at that point.

In the meantime, voters who hoped for increased gun control will have one heck of a time spotting politicians who don’t take money from the NRA. To that end, the always critical journalist, Igor Volksy, has taken up his usual stance during gun-control crises. He delights in shaming politicians who accept NRA money, and he invested plenty of time in building this graphic that shows the dollar amount each senator has received. Man, Marco Rubio comes relatively cheap compared to Ted Cruz, but John McCain takes the top prize of $7.7 million.

Volsky generally aims to expose those who express “thoughts and prayers” while having no problem accepting gun money. Not too far away, some observers used the opportunity to mock social media arguments, but others engaged in vigorous debate that still rides high in the #DisarmHate hashtag. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton stood out among the voices shouting this term through their keyboards.

Senator Elizabeth Warren joined the cause as well.

Others are taking note in their appointment books to vote. Will these failed gun control measures cost the Republicans their Senate majority? There’s certainly a voter undercurrent pledging to remember in November.

P.S. Here’s a revisiting of the “guns are easier to get than” meme running rampant online. Good luck scoring those Hamilton tickets, everyone.