Disneyland Guests Are Stranded On Rides Due To A Power Outage Affecting The Park

Disneyland in Anaheim, California experienced a power outage on Wednesday, leaving guests stranded on about a dozen rides and requiring assistance to be escorted off. The outage is currently affecting the Toontown and Fantasyland sections of the park, with crews working furiously to restore power. The popular Monorail was one of the rides affected by the outage.

Obviously, this couldn’t come at a worse time as visitors flock to the park when many schools and businesses are closed down for the holidays. The park was reportedly near “full capacity” when the outage struck.

A park spokesperson issued a statement, saying the outage stems from Disneyland’s transformer.

“We’ve determined that the issue is with a Disneyland Resort transformer and our team is currently assessing and working to restore power,” the statement read.

Park officials have not provided an estimated time for restoration of the power. However, ABC 7 in Los Angeles shot aerial footage of the park and it appears to be pandemonium.

This isn’t the first disaster to strike the Happiest Place on Earth recently. In November, the park was forced to shut down two cooling towers after 12 cases of Legionnaires’ disease broke out in people from or visiting the Anaheim area, with nine of the twelve cases reported in individuals visiting or working at the popular tourist destination.

(Via ABC 7)