A Dog In Florida Waited In The Street For Hours In The Spot Where Their Owner Died

Stories about pet loyalty rarely come as heartbreaking as this. Even in a world where “Jurassic Bark” exists, this story about a dog named Paco from Florida will have you welling up with tears.

Paco’s owner, Kelly Black, was fatally struck by a vehicle last week in what’s being reported as a hit-and-run. Black was believed to be walking at her dog at the time of the incident and WJAX reports that Paco stayed close by after she was struck. The bandana sporting dog continued to stay in the spot after authorities discovered Black and removed her body from the scene. Paco was unharmed in the collision, and was later reunited with his family after waiting for his owner to return.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office have suggested that the driver may not have known they struck the victim. It’s a theory that Black’s family is skeptical of with Black’s father G.C. Bostick questioning how the driver could be unaware that they had struck someone.

“I don’t see how someone could hit her and drag her all the way out to Beaver Street and not have known it.”

Black’s family has asked that anyone with information regarding the incident come forward.

Paco, a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina, has received gifts from well-wishers following the coverage of his owner’s death. Black’s brother Troy Bostick says the loyal pet has shown sadness with his beloved guardian no longer around.

“Paco was my sister’s heart and soul. He hasn’t really left the house since this happened. He knows how to open doors and gates, and he’s normally out in the yard, but I think he knows she’s gone. For a while he wouldn’t eat. He just started eating yesterday.”

[h/t Mashable]