Dolly Parton Doesn’t Endorse Anyone For President But Definitely Wants More Boobs In Office

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Have you ever wondered about the political views of country music icon Dolly Parton? If you have, the answer is shockingly difficult to pin down (unlike some celebrities who have been immensely vocal this election season). Despite having some refreshingly accepting views on certain issues, Parton has spent most of her career avoiding political affiliation. Because of this, she has been hesitant to publicly endorse either presidential candidate in the upcoming election. However, after a recent interview with the New York Times, many believed Parton had given Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton her endorsement. Parton quickly issued a statement clarifying what she meant in the interview and that it was not an open endorsement. She also took the closest thing to an actual political stance we may see from Dolly this election, claiming that, “They could always use more boobs in the race.”

In the original interview, Parton was quoted as saying that she thinks that Clinton, “might make as good a president as anyone ever,” and that were Clinton to win the presidency, “I’ll certainly be behind her.” It’s easy to see why people interpreted this as an endorsement. It certainly reads as one. However, Parton later clarified that she was responding to a question regarding Hillary being a female candidate and that it was not meant as a proper endorsement. She went on to say in her statement that:

“My comment about supporting a woman in the White House was taken out of context. I have not endorsed Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. I try not to get political but if I am, I might as well just run myself ’cause I’ve got the hair for it, it’s huge, and they could always use more boobs in the race. But seriously, I have not decided who I’m voting for, but no matter what we’re gonna be suffering from P.M.S.: Presidential Mood Swings.”

Some may interpret this as backpedaling, others may see it as Parton simply clarifying the legitimate intent behind her initial statement. What can’t be argued is that Dolly Parton running for the American presidency would be a sight to behold.

Source: Rolling Stone