Don Cheadle Calls Donald Trump A ‘POS’ After Trump’s Controversial Dwyane Wade Tweet

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When Donald Trump wants to snag a headline, he knows how to do it. The latest headline grab took the death of NBA player Dwyane Wade’s cousin and used it for Trump’s own political gain via a Twitter post that has left many with a bad taste in their mouths. There have been a lot of reactions to Trump’s politicizing the death, but actor Don Cheadle went out of his way on Saturday to call attention to how inappropriate he felt the tweet was.

The actor took to social media this morning, Deadline reports, and didn’t hold back with his pointed criticism of Trump for taking such a sad incident and trying to use it for his own purposes.

Cheadle then found himself amid a squall of Trump supporters hurling insults at him throughout the day. Cheadle handed out replies and insults all while his Twitter icon was changed to an illustration of Andy Kaufman stepping out of a Donald Trump bodysuit.

Needless to say, Don Cheadle has made it pretty clear that he’s not a fan of Donald Trump and he will not be voting for him come this election season. Trump did sort of issue a tweet that was more in line with what a political candidate should be saying while in the public eye, but it wasn’t an apology.

Trump has not engaged with Don Cheadle or even tweeted that he was a loser. Yet.

(Via Deadline)