Don Lemon Could Not Stop Laughing After Omarosa Became The Topic Of Discussion

Omarosa Manigault-Newman, former bringer of White House drama, made a bizarre debut on Celebrity Big Brother while faux-weeping over the stress of enduring President Trump’s tweets. Stephen Colbert and others enjoyed how she whispered on TV as if Trump couldn’t hear her. No one, however, had more fun than Don Lemon, who erupted in laughter as soon as Omarosa became the subject of conversation.

The host actually brought Omarosa up because she was a hot topic of late-night conversation, but commentator Symone Sanders would have none of it. “Don, it’s Black History Month. We gotta talk about Omarosa?” Sanders inquired. As she said this, Scott Jennings shook his own head in dismay, which prompted an eruption of giggles from Lemon.

As Lemon struggled to regain some composure, Sanders continued to address her unwillingness to spend Black History Month discussing Omarosa’s “apology tour” as she “attempted to salvage her reputation on a reality show.” No one really knows what Omarosa is apologizing for, but that’s what she was sort-of doing on Celebrity Big Brother while pretending to lament her inability to tame the president. “It’s going to not be okay, it’s not,” she told a fellow contestant.

Jennings tried to steer toward a semi-serious conversation about using one’s public-office position for public gain, but sadly, there wasn’t much hope for a policy-based discussion over Omarosa. Yet at least she brought Don Lemon a few moments of joy.

(Via CNN)