Donald Trump Swings Back Against ‘Apprentice’ Alums Opposing His Presidential Bid

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In NC One Day Ahead Of Primary
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When it comes to the presidential bid of Donald Trump absolutely nothing is shocking anymore. The new normal appears to be outrageous, headline-grabbing incidents, crazy reactionary thinkpieces and heated conversations about the level of perceived greatness that America currently possesses. So of course former contestants from the Apprentice have decided to speak out against their former boss-of-sorts and his bid for the highest elected office in the free world and it’s all a part of the new normal. This is normal for us now.

A group of former Apprentice contestants, including the first season’s runner-up Kwame Jackson, Marshawn Evans Daniels, Kevin Allen, Tara Dowdell, James Sun and the season 4 winner Randal Pinkett held a press event on Friday. They spoke up about Trump and warned of how divisive of a candidate that he truly is, comparing him to Joseph McCarthy, Jesse Helms and George Wallace. MSNBC reported that Jackson urged for voters to not fall for Trump and his “toxic” tactics or to be fooled by his celebrity status.

“Let us choose Kennedy over Kardashian-ism each and every time as a leading nation,” he added. ”Muhammad Ali over McCarthyism — that is why I defiantly stand up.”

Trump of course didn’t remain silent to this outburst of former reality show stars, with him simply writing them off as media hungry has-beens in a statement that he released in response to them. As always, Trump was to-the-point and colorful in his statement condemning them. He pointed out that they were “dishonest” and “disloyal.”

“They just want to get back into the limelight like they had when they were with Trump. Total dishonesty and disloyalty,” argued the billionaire candidate in his statement before threatening to “play hours of footage of them individually praising me.”

Trump’s statement fits right in line with much of his campaign and will no doubt receive cheers from his supporters. Throughout his campaign Trump and his team have built up an image of Trump as a political outsider that the media has been attempting to silence and condemn, making him appear as a sympathetic figure to many. Pundits on both sides of the aisle have been condemning Trump throughout his campaign as he continues to build momentum.

(via MSNBC)