Donald Trump Backpedaled On His ‘Database For Muslims’ Comments After Criticism

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It turns out that even somebody with the most controversial opinions on the planet knows when his public comments are about to sink his candidacy for president. Even though his poll numbers are still leading the Republican pack as of now, Donald Trump is now backtracking on comments made this week about setting up a database to track Muslims in the United States.

Besides being questionable, Trump’s idea also has strong overtones of the Japanese Internment Camps during WWII or the systems used in Nazi Germany to track minorities. And the media’s reaction of pointing these comparisons out is enough for Trump to try and deny that was ever his attention. He tweeted out what appears to be as much of a mea culpa as he can muster.

While it is true that a reporter initially brought up the question about a database, Trump then wholeheartedly agreed that it was something he would implement should he become President. This is about as effective a response as the high school excuse that somebody said something mean, and “I just agreed with it.” Trump has said some pretty controversial words so far during this campaign, but it looks as if there are some things that even he wants to take back after the fact.

(via Mediaite)