Bernie Sanders’ Response To Trump’s Latest Deranged Tweet Rant Couldn’t Be More Perfect


It makes perfect sense that the only President of the United States to appear on a Comedy Central Roast would be so easy to torch on Twitter. President Trump has been pitching some nice big softballs across the plate like “easy D” and a baffling inability to give a human handshake and the public has had a blast shredding the commander-in-chief to pieces online for his steady run of embarrassing moments. Bernie Sanders hasn’t been shy in criticizing the president and on Saturday he had the witty rejoinder to end all witty rejoinders. A real Pardon My Zinger, if you will.

As is apparently customary for presidents these days, Trump went on another Twitter tirade about The Media™ (who have seen their access scaled back in aggressive fashion) and engaged in some context-free moaning about how he deserves credit for the economy he recently inherited from the previous administration.

Trump also boasted that if his MAGA base had a rally in support of the president, it’d be the biggest rally of them all. Bernie Sanders responded accordingly and allowed Trump to feel the Bern.

That’s a good one, innit? We’d urge Trump to shake Bernie’s hand out of respect for that quality reply, but we’re slightly worried the president’s weird lawn mower pull attempt at a handshake would be painful to watch.