Watch Donald Trump Get Loudly Booed When He Shows Up To Vote At His Polling Place

Hillary Clinton, along with some guy named Bill, cast her ballot for president this morning in Chappaqua, New York. I wonder who she voted for? While surrounded by a massive gathering of loud supporters, she said that she’s “so happy, I’m just incredibly happy.” Meanwhile, some 35 miles away at P.S. 59 in Manhattan, Donald Trump stepped out of his caravan to boos. Not just a single boo, or one guy saying “boo-urns,” but an entire chorus of heckles.

During his 2016 Democratic Convention speech, President Barack Obama said that Clinton has “specific ideas to invest in new jobs, to help workers share in their company’s profits, to help put kids in preschool and put students through college without taking on a ton of debt. That’s what leaders do.” He added, ominously, “And then there’s Donald Trump.” When Trump’s name was greeted with boos by the Philadelphia crowd, Obama, who recently defended a Trump supporter at a Clinton rally, quickly interjected, “Don’t boo; vote.”

New Yorkers have mastered booing — we’ll find out later how they did at the voting part. Although considering New York hasn’t gone Republican since 1984, when Ronald Reagan trounced Walter Mondale, Clinton probably isn’t too worried right now. Unlike Trump, who’s likely to lose his home state.