Presidential Candidate ‘Deez Nuts’ Is Polling At 9 Percent In North Carolina

Last month it was revealed that some wonderful human being from Wallingford, Iowa, had declared himself an independent candidate for president of the United States of America. Big deal, random people decide to “run” for president all the time, and more often than not they’re a few stripes shy of a complete flag. But this Iowan caught everyone’s attention because he decided to run under the always-delightful name of Deez Nuts. No, you grow up.

Candidate Nuts had people buzzing from the start, because while there was plenty of comedy to be enjoyed in watching the Republican clown car, it’s just simply so much fun to say “Deez Nuts.” Seriously, try it. Of course, all good jokes disappear after a few days or even weeks, but Candidate Nuts is back in the headlines today as Public Policy Polling reports that this mystery prankster is polling at 9 percent in North Carolina. For comparison, as ABC 7 explains, Donald Trump is currently polling at 40 percent and Hillary Clinton is at 38 percent. Perhaps his running mate, Anya Chin, will cause more voters to reconsider the independent candidate. (Unfortunately, he is reportedly only 15. Whatever, he gets my vote.)

In the meantime, please enjoy the above news clip (or the slightly better version below) and specifically the man saying, “Oh no” in the background.

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