Donald Trump Looks Exactly The Same When His Eyes Are Replaced With His Mouth

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas
Getty Image

What’s the scariest thing about Donald Trump? Is it his stance on immigration? His acting? His desire to maybe repeal gay marriage? Or is it–and hear me out here–the fact that when you take a photo of the presidential candidate, replace his eyes with his mouth, and then put the pictures side-by-side, it’s impossible to tell that any Photoshop tomfoolery has taken place?

No, really, this is a thing that happened, and I’m going to warn you: the picture you’re about to see might blow your little mind right out of its shell. Please proceed when ready.

Here’s a normal photo of Trump from last night’s debate:

And then….there’s this:

Ahhhh, what even is that?

Listen, I’m not trying to get political here and you can vote for whoever you like, but can America really afford a president whose facial features are interchangeable? It’s like he’s a ham-filled Mr. Potato Head and it’s time we stopped standing for it!

(Via Mashable)