Time Has Asked Trump To Remove His Fake Time Magazine Cover From His Golf Resort’s Walls

Getty Image / Donald Trump

For some reason, despite being on the cover of Time many times, Donald Trump manufactured a fake cover to frame and hang in his Florida, Virginia, Ireland, and Scotland golf courses. Why Trump would do this will only lead someone down a rabbit hole that will ultimately end with the rhetorical question of: “why does he do anything he does?” So it’s best to just move on to the next part of the news which is that Time Magazine has asked him to remove the fabricated cover he displays proudly on his walls.

Maybe Trump will bristle at removing the fraudulent covers thanks to the meticulously researched Obama birther story that (probably) graces page 56 in the faux magazine. Or maybe, like in so many other instances, he will quietly succumb to being in the wrong and watch as one of his servants ceremoniously lifts the frame from the wall.

Or perhaps, he will continue to show off the counterfeit covers and damn the people who point out that everything about it is wrong. The red border, the headline placements, everything. He will embrace the alternative Time Magazine and then hang up the cover of Thrasher he made back in the ’80s right next to it.

(Via The Washington Post)