Donald Trump’s Final Attack Against Jeb Bush Capped Off The Best Rivalry Of The 2016 GOP Race

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee
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Jeb Bush and Donald Trump were essentially rivals from the very moment that Donald Trump entered the race for president. If Trump is afraid of someone like Megyn Kelly, the opposite was true of Jeb Bush. And it showed. Before Trump, Jeb was the man destined to win the nomination for president and he had the money backing him to prove it. Then Trump enters the race, almost instantly sets his sights on Bush and his family, and Jeb! could never recover.

It’s actually quite sad because there was a point where Jeb seemed to have found a friend in Donald Trump. Then he tried to come at Trump and show a little courage, but it didn’t work:

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The two would be at odds from that point on, with Trump sometimes snarling like a bulldog when Jeb would attempt to attack him. There’s the time when Trump called Jeb weak, basically to his face:

The other time when Trump mocked Jeb for claiming to be a tough guy and then noted how far he kept moving off the stage. A bit of foreshadowing:

And then most recently at the South Carolina debate, Trump took aim at Jeb’s family and knocked George W. Bush for his handling of the war in Iraq.

It reached amazing heights at that time, but also made you wonder if would ever come to blows. It never needed to, of course. The real knocks came at the polls and Jeb Bush’s campaign couldn’t stand it. He also didn’t help himself very much, particularly with his response to mass shootings and his somewhat odd public persona.

His inability to counter Trump had to have been a big thought in voter’s minds, especially in South Carolina. And the cherry on top was Trump’s apparent use of “” to stick it to Bush one last time following Trump’s victory. If you visited the site last night — which was redirecting to Donald Trump’s campaign website — you were greeted by the video below showing Trump’s South Carolina victory speech.

The site is down now, but it was one final shot into the side of Jeb’s campaign. A wound that shut the door on the guy who was once the only name that people thought would run for the Republican nomination for president.

Still, Trump’s final salvo isn’t even the worst hit against Jeb Bush following his demise in South Carolina. That honor actually belongs to Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, hitting at Jeb’s past just one more time before he rides off into the sunset.

(Via Daily Caller)