Donald Trump Could Get You Free Tacos Each Time He Says ‘Mexico’ Tonight

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We’re not surprising anyone when we say that Donald Trump has said some fairly racist stuff against Mexicans lately, right? Sure, it seems weird to disparage a portion of the electorate while seeking votes for the Presidency of the United States, but Donald Trump wouldn’t be running if he didn’t know what he was doing. Right?

Well, if The Donald (people still call him that, right?) continues this rhetoric during the GOP debates this evening, an online food delivery company wants to turn it into a positive. Eat24, an online food delivery company, is offering free tacos every time Trump says “Mexico” during the debate.

It’s not necessarily tacos, either. So if you don’t like tacos (Really? Who doesn’t like tacos? Weirdo.), you’re in luck. If you’re following the Eat24 Twitter account, you’ll see them post a $5 voucher code every time Trump mentions the country in question during the debates on Fox News tonight. Which you can spend on tacos or Chinese food or a cuisine from any country on this great Earth.

Who’s hungry?

(via Mashable)